Cesana can offer you two types of glass splashback:

  • Mirrored Glass splashback;
  • Colour-back glass splashback

Mirrored Glass Splashback

Due to current trends, a mirrored glass splashback is proving popular as it visibly opens up the space and reflects the light and view in front of it.

It tends to have a darker grey reflection than a traditional silver mirror, as it doesn’t have the silver backing that can deteriorate over time.

The mirrored glass splashbacks we offer are all toughened glass, so it can be used as a splashback behind your cooktop and will not be affected from the cooktop’s heat. Please note though, due to the toughening process, there is slight distortion in its reflection.

Colour Glass Splashback

The other alternative is the traditional colour glass splashback. This is still a very popular choice of splashback, and we can colour-match to your desired colour.

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