Yes, it’s true, many of us have too many clothes. There is a solution, and it’s a beautifully designed walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom. Imagine going straight to that dress or pair of jeans you want to wear without struggling with wire coat hangers bending with the weight of too many items.

The time you will save is well worth the investment, but there are many other benefits. Clothes still smooth from the ironing board, no mould or mustiness because there’s plenty of ventilation and storage space.

1. Walk in Wardrobes Are More Practical

The practicality a walk-in wardrobe offers can change your lifestyle by bringing a sense of order and organisation which can lessen the stress of the morning work/school ritual.

2. Walk in Wardrobes Protect Your Clothes

Wardrobes need some air to flow into it to prevent mould, mildew and mustiness which can ruin your clothes or make them smell stale and musty. Wardrobes with closing doors don’t allow the air in, but a well-designed walk-in will solve that problem.

3. Walk in Wardrobes Can Be Cost-Effective

You might be surprised to find that in many cases it’s cheaper to install a walk-in wardrobe than a built-in or regular style. It depends on the design, but one of the cost-saving benefits is that there are no doors.

4. Walk in Wardrobes Can Save Floor Space

Walk-in wardrobes don’t take up space the way regular wardrobes do, and it’s mainly because there are no doors opening out. Walk-ins also take up less space than built-ins or regular wardrobes with sliding doors. The reason is that they can make use of areas that are irregular and can’t be used for anything else and so would be a waste of space.

5. Walk in Wardrobes Make Your Home More Appealing

Walk-ins are in high demand, especially in new homes, because they’re more luxurious, practical, and functional than may built-ins or regular freestanding wardrobes. If you’re renovating or building, a walk-in is a must and just as important as your ensuite. And if you’re considering selling up, then a well-designed walk-in will enhance your home’s appeal to potential home buyers.

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