Approx. 67% of Australians are homeowners which means 5.4 million homes can benefit from glass splashbacks. Since kitchen upgrades are among the top 15 renovations done by homeowners, it’ll have to be done eventually.

A good investment is one that meets all your needs.

Glass splashbacks are functional and beautiful beyond common knowledge

Before embracing the advantages of glass for your kitchen, let’s debunk one thing. Glass has a reputation. It’s considered fragile, dedicate, and treated like crystalline.

When it comes to splashbacks for kitchens, however, glass is not to be underestimated. To repel heat, splashback glass is toughened to resist up to 220ºC. Not only does that make glass a contender with ceramic and acrylic tiles, but it makes it the better choice.

  1. Beyond a smooth surface, acrylic glass is a thicker, stronger technology that resists wear-and-tear for long-lasting satisfaction.
  2. Kitchen glass splashbacks are anything but plain glass—it’s all about the splashback design.
  3. Kitchen glass splashbacks are adaptable for all types of homes and people. Identifying your style and that of your home’s can help you pick the perfect glass splashback colour.
  4. Most people use hanged art to make a statement. Splashbacks for kitchens are their own art.
  5. Besides glass splashbacks being a functional art, bold colours can reroute your home’s energy—and your own. What kind of energy might your glass splashback give you?
  6. The benefit of coloured glass is its innate ability to open the room without changing it.
  7. Like fixing a light bulb can change the whole room’s energy, glass splashbacks signal surrounding light to respond to it too.
  8. Nothing says new kitchen like a coloured glass splashback. If it appeals to you, you can assume it’ll attract others as well. Just make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to enjoy it fully.

The Kitchen is King…

Wherever you are in your home upgrade process, coloured splashbacks can do two things. They can:

1. Set the tone with a new, bold colour or
2. Make the home cohesive with complementary colours

Colour is a universal language and it creates myriad options for your kitchen glass splashbacks. Coloured glass is unique in that it looks delicate while performing strong, and it keeps things clean.

If your home’s layout naturally attracts allergens, mould, and bacteria, three words: kitchen glass splashback.

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