Modern Glass Kitchen Splashbacks are a unique way to add your personal touch to your home. With a feature kitchen splashback designed by you and manufactured by us, you will add an unmistakable level of sophistication and beauty to your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a feature splashback for your kitchen, no other material offers the same hygienic, functional, and decorative features as glass.

Modern Glass Kitchen Splashbacks offer great technical qualities including:

  • Heat resistant – glass is heat resistant and will not warp from exposure to steam or heat.
  • Cost-effectiveness – glass is an inexpensive material compared to traditional kitchen splashback surfaces such as tile or stone.
  • Easy to clean – glass requires minimal effort to keep clean and maintain. A simple wipe after each day’s use will keep it looking new.
  • Sanitary – glass is not porous and therefore resists harbouring surface bacteria.
  • Durable – Toughened glass is one of the most durable materials in use today.
  • Light – The reflective nature of glass also offers further benefits. If you enjoy a good deal of natural lighting in your kitchen, then glass will only enhance this illumination and brighten up your space, making it look more vibrant and larger.

Mirrored wall pieces can be an ideal way to bring natural light into a kitchen that has few windows as they bounce and reflect light.

These can be made in one long, seamless section. Having no seams also eliminates any joins that need to be cleaned. A mirrored glass kitchen splashback is a great option.

With a range of colours, sizes, personal designs, and different degrees of opacity to choose from, Modern Glass Kitchen Splashbacks are customise to your taste.

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