When it comes to Hot Bathroom Trends, there are some you want to follow and, let’s face it, some you don’t. Who can remember the wired glass shower screens that were in most bathrooms built more than 30 years ago?

We thought we would bring you the trends that are likely to be hot in bathrooms during the year. We promise there’ll be no wired glass shower screens, glass bricks or corner jacuzzi tubs in sight!

Making your shower screen disappear.

Wired glass screens certainly aren’t making a comeback, but frameless and semi-frameless shower screens will continue to be a trend.

It’s more about making the shower screen disappear rather than making it a feature. This allows your bathroom tiles, shower head, vanity, and other features to shine.

Bathrooms are getting larger.

Bathrooms are, on average, getting bigger to provide improved accessibility and a relaxing, chilled vibe.

When renovating bathrooms, expect more homeowners to take space from bedrooms and other areas of the home. When that’s not enough or not possible, people are more likely to forgo the bath for larger showers and more space.

Free-standing baths.

This doesn’t mean the popularity of baths is declining significantly. They’re still very popular. However, there’s a move away from in-built baths (and the corner jacuzzi) to freestanding and deep models.

Devices in your bathroom.

There’s more technology in our daily lives and expect this to continue to encroach in the bathroom in 2023.

Features such as smart toilets and bidets, heated flooring, voice controls, touchless taps and smart mirrors will become more popular.

There are even more digital showers appearing, with people able to program aspects such as water pressure, spray mode and temperature.

Eco Bathrooms.

Sustainability and environmental factors will be well and truly embedded into bathroom design in 2023. Features such as LED lighting and improved water-wowser mixers, shower heads and toilets will abound.

Retro Bathroom designs.

While we’re confident that wired glass screens will never make a comeback, other retro design features are.

While not for everyone, some of the retro designs that are likely to find increased favour include basins and toilets in pastel shades, coloured wall tiles, wallpaper, and mosaic floors.

Spa-like bathrooms.

Bathrooms that look and feel like spas are also continuing to grow in popularity. This includes the addition of features such as steam showers, floating vanities, seats in showers, larger shower heads and dual shower heads.

A bathroom or a ‘wet room’?

Adding to the spa-like nature of bathrooms is the walk-in shower – achieved with fixed glass shower screens or no shower screens at all, also known as wet rooms.

Less white in bathrooms.

An all-white bathroom is never likely to go out of fashion, but we’ll continue to see the trend away from white. What you’ll see in its place is more earthy tones, timber, and in some cases, the emergence of bolder colours.

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