You have had this wonderful wardrobe design in your head all year round. Sometimes even dreaming of sitting in the lush wooden coverings of your wardrobe, and enjoying the scent of rustic, well treated wood and scattered spectrum of light running tantrums on the surface of this wardrobe. You are happy within and without.

Finally, you have the wardrobe of your dreams, then you wake up from your slumber only to see your “cloth hanger” staring at you with betrayal written all over its face.

Occasionally, individuals work towards new wardrobe designs based on functionality, aesthetic beauty or what they might have observed Kim Kardashian has as her wardrobe. However, the road towards getting the best possible value for your money lies in searching for excellent designs by following simple design guidelines.

Here are three (3) things to look out for when designing a wardrobe:

1. Maximising wardrobe design space

This one sounds quite obvious but there are so many defaulters in respect to this rule who despite having great wardrobe designs, end up with wardrobes which are inefficient for the purposes they were manufactured for in the first place.

Checking the storage space available and determining just how tall or wide your cabinets can extend or adding a cupboard above the wardrobe space are some factors needed to be considered in trying to maximise space.

2. Type Handles, Handless or touch latches

Wardrobe enthusiasts all over know that a good wardrobe design lies in its functionality and beauty, and no part of a wardrobe exhibits these two features like the handle types.

While some may prefer more seamless designs with handless doors or even touch latches, getting rid of handles all together, exhibiting such premium futuristic feel, some others may prefer well finished handles which are available in many materials such as brushed chrome, brass and so much more.

The catch though, “the handle must be very functional” you sure don’t want a beautiful wardrobe, which causes difficulties whenever you try to open it.

3. Height of the clothing rail

Finally, the height of the clothing rail will largely depend on the kind of clothes you wear. For most people who possess business clothes and long dresses no offence to the brief Homo sapiens, the generally accepted length of the wardrobe from the rail to bottom is about 1.7 m. This length ensures that your clothes hang effortlessly, and seamlessly.

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