Cut through the shine and dazzle to find the best mirror for your bathroom with a few important considerations.

Mirrors play an important role in our appearance and sense of self, as well as the functionality of a home. A well-placed mirror can work with the natural lighting of a room as well as the lamps, accenting and displaying the decor… but it can also work against it.

Select the Right Size

The key to a great bathroom is proportion. You want a mirror that is large enough to comfortably gaze at, but not too big or obnoxious. Since most mirrors are above the vanity, you should consider vanity size while shopping.

It’s best to find a piece that can centre on the wall, which means measuring for everything around it.

  • Measure the wall where you want to place the mirror.
  • Measure the width of the vanity or cupboard below it.
  • Take note of any windows or fixed shelving on that wall and measure to the vanity.
  • If there are existing light fixtures on the wall, measure the distance between the lighting and the countertop, as well as how much room you have between the lights on the wall.

Typically, the bathroom mirror shouldn’t be wider than the vanity.

Be Creative

If you happen to have a wide vanity, you also have an opportunity to let your creativity shine. It allows more room to choose a mirror for artistic flare as well as the basic function.

  • A big mirror emphasises the space by reflecting more of the walls, providing unique viewing experiences from many different angles.
  • Tall and narrow mirrors can highlight the verticality of a room and are often used when a bathroom has an artisan ceiling that homeowners love to admire.
  • Several mirrors are often used when there is more than one sink as a way to divide personal space between occupants.

Be Bold

The bathroom is considered a primarily functional space. Most people don’t spend a lot of recreational time in the bathroom, the space is designed to be used for specific tasks that don’t take very long. This allows for some eye-catching flare that might be distracting in other rooms. With mirrors, this means that they can be artistic pieces and still be highly functional.

Don’t Forget the Frame

Whether you decide to frame your mirror depends on your tastes. Frameless mirrors remain popular partly because they’re less expensive, but they can leave the room looking unfinished. They can also offer a modern appeal that gives bathrooms a crisp, streamlined feel.

Consider Your Budget

Almost everyone begins a renovation while considering their budget. Remember that certain options, such as a wall-to-wall mirror, might have to be custom-made to match the dimensions of your room, and thus are a larger investment. Prefab pieces usually have a set price tag, as well as easier DIY installation, making them a simpler and less time-consuming choice.

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