When it comes to bathroom designs, the trends are the same! The addition of a frameless shower screen to a bathroom allows the room to be open, airy, and bright – no matter how large the shower is.

What is a Frameless Shower Screen?

A typical, frameless shower screen is made of thicker glass than a framed shower because the glass needs to support itself, rather than depending on a frame for support.
Frameless showers are generally made with clear glass instead of textured glass. Rather than having metal around the edges of the entire shower (like a frame), the glass is only lined where it’s connected to a wall, floor, or ceiling.

This may be along an entire edge, or only at specific intervals, depending on how the shower screen is installed.

How Can It Open Up the Bathroom?

There are many different kinds of showers that you can choose to install in your bathroom: a freestanding tub with a curtain, a built in tub with a curtain or a glass door, a framed shower, a frameless shower… and most of these can be made with a frameless shower screen if that’s what you choose.

Whether you have a freestanding shower, or a shower built into the wall, adding a frameless shower screen eliminates the division between shower and bathroom, so it looks almost as if there is no door at all.

A typical frameless shower screen is made of glass, meaning that it doesn’t appear to make a division or to take up space in your bathroom, because everything in and around it is visible through the glass.

It allows light to pass through while containing water, and it makes the bathroom seem bigger from the outside and the shower seem bigger from the inside.

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