The shower is an essential part of the bathroom and choosing shower screen means that you can turn it from just another fitting into a real feature.

There are many different types of shower screens available and some of the most popular include:

  • Pivot doors – these pivot outwards to open
  • Sliding doors – these slide to one side in order to open and close
  • Fixed and swing – this is fixed glass with a swing panel
  • Fixed panel – these are fixed directly to the bath edge or onto the floor or shower base
  • Corner units – these are fitted into the corner of a bathroom and open using a pivot door

As well as these types of shower screens, you will also find that shower screens come in three different designs – frameless, semi frameless, and fully framed.

Shower Screens and Glass

Of course, one major thing that you cannot overlook when choosing a shower screen is the glass. All shower screens are made using safety glass as this is a legal requirement. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any choices within this.

You can opt for the standard clear glass or you can use tinted glass, frosted glass, or slump glass. All are fantastic in terms of their looks but be sure to take into account how the glass will affect the look of the shower recess itself.

Considerations When Choosing a Shower Screen

When choosing a shower screen, there are some things that you will need to think about. The first is the amount of space that you have in the bathroom, as this will ultimately determine the types of screens that you can choose.

For example, in a tiny bathroom or a bathroom where the shower screen is directly opposite the main door, a sliding screen may be your only choice. You also need to think about who will be using the shower as you want to make the access as easy as possible.

Of course, one major determinant of which shower screen you use is the look that you are trying to achieve in your bathroom.

Frameless shower screens are great if you want to keep the bathroom feeling spacious and open. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch then a semi frameless shower screen is the perfect compromise.

For a more traditional look, a fully framed shower screen is timeless. The framing and fixtures that are used in all types of shower screens. Available in different colours, so you can choose one that perfectly suits your bathroom decor, whether that’s classic white, traditional cream, or modern stainless steel or chrome.

Finally, think about the maintenance that is associated with your shower screen, especially if you don’t have time to clean. Fully frameless shower screens are very low maintenance as there are few places for dirt and grime to get trapped. Semi frameless screens are also low maintenance. Fully framed showers will require more cleaning than other types. Because of their nooks and crannies, be aware that the type of door will also make a difference.

For example, a pivoting door is much easier to clean than a sliding door.

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