The addition of a bathroom mirror is a must for every homeowner. This is about the only piece of information that some homeowners are aware of, while picking the right type, style, and size has their heads in a tizzy!

If you are a part of this group of people, we don’t blame you for feeling the pressure of making the right decision when choosing a mirror.

There are a number of things to factor in when picking a mirror that will impact the space in the best (or worst) way possible.

From functionality to aesthetics; we will help you choose the right bathroom mirror by covering various aspects of the bathroom.

Consider Your Bathroom Style

First things first; bathroom mirrors correlate with the new or existing style of the space. If you are starting over with a completely new bathroom renovation then you have a wider variety of choices and decor styles.

If you are matching an existing style then some choice limitations may come into play. The last thing you want is for your mirror to stick out like a sore thumb in the beautiful bathroom setting you have created.

What Type of Bathroom Mirror Should I Buy?

Today, mirrors come in various types and every imaginable style (largely associated with the frame design). To make it simpler for you to understand what type of mirror you require for your bathroom.

Bear in mind that the type of bathroom mirror for your space must be chosen to complement existing styles; the shape will depend on functionality and individuality, and the size must be proportionate to other elements while providing functionality.

What is the Ideal Mirror Shape for My Bathroom?

The shape of a bathroom mirror can really set the tone for the rest of the space. From a creative perspective, there is so much you can do with differently-shaped bathroom mirrors in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

What Size Bathroom Mirror Do I Need?

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, there is no one size fits all. Every bathroom space is unique, as is one’s personal taste and creative ideas.

With that said, there are some things you need to consider (where size is concerned) in order to ensure that your new bathroom mirror is the perfect fit for your space.

  • Proportions
  • Functionality
  • Wall Space
  • Bathroom Size

With this information in your back pocket, you can go about choosing the perfect bathroom with confidence!

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