The mirror on the wall has more answers than you’d expect. Not just meant for the dressing table or the bathroom sink, mirrors actually come with many versatile uses. When installed cleverly, mirrors can create an illusion of extended space while also serving as pretty decor staples.

1. Hang them at the end of a hallway

If not attended to properly, galleries or hallways can sometimes seem gloomy, dark and dull. If investing in works of art to decorate the walls or good lighting to perk up the space is not enough, then consider using mirrors in this area. Place a mirror at the end of the hallway. This will not only bounce off light from the other areas but also seem to open up the passage and make it feel more connected to the rest of the house.

2. Place one behind the furniture

If your living room is small and there is no way to increase the space, then consider placing a mirror behind a key piece of furniture, such as a sofa, to bring in the illusion of a bigger space. This will also amp up your spot and add a bit of shimmer to the room. Sounds a bit like the way restaurants add glam with mirrored walls? Well, you can have some of that, too.

Tip: You can also use an oversized mirror in a tiny area to make it look doubly spacious.

3. Let it reflect a window

If your room is a dull and dimly lit place, then try placing a floor-to-ceiling mirror in a way that it reflects a nearby window. This will ensure ample reflected natural light during the day and a view to the world at all times.

Tip: Mirrors work wonders above dining tables too. Wall-mounted horizontal ones, placed at a slight angle, create depth of space and make the dining area look expansive.

4. Install them on a door or closet
A tiny bedroom doesn’t need to trigger claustrophobia when there are big, smart ideas at hand. How about installing mirrors on doors or cabinets to create a sense of extended space? Also, you have a ready mirror at all times to look at yourself.
5. Use them as wall panelling…
Sometimes an entirely mirrored wall can seem too overpowering as it reflects every tiny detail – not a good idea when you have a small living room brimming with decorative objects and curios. This is where an option like the one in this picture could work – strips of mirror panelling alternated with wood will limit the reflection while creating an optical illusion of space. Also, you get an accent wall!
Tip: Be careful about not installing the mirror tiles directly behind a stove as they can expand and contract due to heat. Over time, the flame from the stove can also cause visible cracks.
6. Choose furniture with reflective surfaces

In small apartments, even the wall space is at a premium. This doesn’t mean you can’t employ smart ideas to make the area look bigger. Consider mirrored furniture that can do the job easily.

Tip: While mirrored furniture looks stylish, it needs regular care and cleaning or it starts looking grimy in no time. Choose this option with care if you have children or pets, as this delicate finish is prone to breakage and can cause injury.

7. Install along the staircase
A narrow, winding staircase can be made to look wider and longer with mirrors. Just place one on the opposite wall and watch the magic unfold.