Bath screens are definitely the rage of modern bathrooms!

They are highly functional and a practical way to keep water from spreading to all parts of a bathroom.

First, let me just make one thing clear, when it comes to bath screens, there are two options – shower curtains and glass shower screens.

If you pictured a shower curtain when you read the title of this post, then you can wipe that off your mind. Shower curtains are made from PVC and studies have shown this to be highly hazardous to our health.

So when talking about bath screens, I am referring to those made of glass

1. Allows you to utilise space
2. Makes your bathroom appear larger
3. Keeps things simple and elegant
4. Different configuration options
5. Makes your space more attractive


There are many reasons for you to fall in love with bath screens.

Bath screens allow you to utilise your bathroom space better, they make your bathroom appear larger and they keep things simple and elegant.

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