Whether you’re building a new home from scratch, renovating your existing one or just updating a few of the rooms, your built-in wardrobe design is something that you should pay careful attention to. Too many homes lack the storage they really need, resulting in unattractively cluttered rooms.

To ensure that your design meets your needs, ensure that you consider the following:

What do you actually need to store?

Remember that everyone’s needs are different. A woman who owns a lot of dresses will require far more hanging space than a woman with a more varied wardrobe. A man with a corporate profession will require hanging space, whereas a man with trade profession might require more shelving or drawers. What you own will determine the type of storage required.

How many people are sharing the wardrobe?

In master bedrooms, the robe is usually shared by two people, so they need to each have adequate space. In other bedrooms, the robe is typically reserved for one person only, so less space is required (unless they’re a shopaholic). In scenarios where two or more people are sharing a bedroom, it’s essential that you have enough space to go around.
What else could you store in the wardrobe?

Keep in mind that the robe can be used to store items other than clothing and shoes – what else is causing clutter in your bedroom that could be hidden away? This could include your impressive hat collection, those ties that you need for work, all those scarves you have somehow collected, that ski gear currently in the attic, and even your jewellery.

How accessible are all the compartments?

There is no point having the hanging rod mounted in the very top of the wardrobe if you’re going to be unable to reach it – how are you going to remove these garments or hang them back up without potentially damaging them? If you have a floor-to-ceiling design, perhaps try using the topmost space as shelving for rarely used items.

A couple of bonus points that should also be included are style and flexibility. It’s a fact of life that everyone’s taste and budget is going to be different, so it’s important that your robe reflects this. It’s also significant that the space has been designed with flexibility in mind – what meets your needs now may not be suitable five or even ten years down the track.

By considering each of the questions we have posed above, you can rest assured that your built-in wardrobe design will be the perfect fit for your bedrooms and for your needs. Don’t make the mistake of using exactly the same layout in each bedroom of your home – consider who is living in these spaces and think about what sort of storage they might require for their possessions.

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