What are custom made bathroom mirrors?

Simply put, custom made bathroom mirrors can be made to your desired size. Parameters for works depend on if we can provide your desired outcome.

These can range in size for anything that is small enough to fit in residential properties to commercial mirror fit outs for dance studios, gyms or other large scale buildings that require large sized mirror.

How are these different to one bought mirrors?

Often they are imported from overseas, these tend to be generic sized and won’t result in your desired outcome.

Cleaning the mirror

Cleaning the mirror seems easy enough. Have you ever encountered streaks you cannot seem to remove?

The cleaning process we use is to use the CRL Glass cleaner we have in stock with a microfibre towel. This removes the simple marks such as finger prints or watermarks.

The quality of the cleaner and microfibre towel are important here. For stubborn marks like a sticker beaning removed and some glue remains on the mirror; the tradesmen use a trick of applying the glass cleaner and using a squeegee to remove the spray, followed up with the microfibre towel to complete the clean.

Looking to upgrade your current bathroom mirrors?

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